Yoshii Towel / YOUTH

Yoshii Towel Co., Ltd. is a towel manufacturer founded in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture in 1962. Yoshii Towel and YOUTH, the planning and sales company of the Yoshii Towel Group, have a ``commitment'' to creating towels that are evaluated as genuine and high-quality, with no gap between the feel you imagine when you see and touch them, and the actual feel. Please take a look.

``Commitment'' to create towels that are valued as high quality and authentic.

Yoshii Towel is located in Imabari, a production area of ​​towels that are bleached and dyed using yarn that has been bleached first, and is a manufacturer that specializes in making towels that are bleached and dyed. is known.
・We place special emphasis on carefully examining the materials, maximizing the characteristics of the materials, and ensuring that they are comfortable and easy to use.

Examining materials to maximize their characteristics

By grasping the characteristics of the material, having the experience and know-how to bring out the characteristics of the material, carefully examining the cotton, making thread, combining the threads, and processing them in just the right way, we produce towels that are recognized as high-quality and authentic. is produced.

Comfortable and easy to use

A towel that feels so comfortable that you want to bury your face in it when you wipe your hands or face, or a towel that feels like being hugged and wrapped around you when you wipe your body, around 8 a.m. on a sunny winter day. We are particular about making towels that are comfortable and easy to use, and are dry by 4pm.