YOUTH × Tomoko Murata collaboration towel

Designs depicting memorable landscapes and towels that fit into your daily life.

A collaboration between Imabari's YOUTH towels, which are absorbent and comfortable to the touch, and Tomoko Murata, who writes about the landscapes that touch her in her daily life. A towel that fits your daily life and makes you happy every time you pick it up.

Tomoko Murata

Textile artist and illustrator Tokyo Zokei University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. Started working after planning graduation stationery products and planning and designing for a textile manufacturer.
With the theme of ``designs that gently touch your heart and make you feel small happiness'', I incorporate landscapes that have stuck in my heart in my daily life into designs and express them through textiles and drawings. We value the shading and blurring of ink, the inflection of lines, and blurring, which can only be expressed using analog technology, and create designs that are as lively and warm as natural sculptures.

  • Breeze Design concept

    I drew it while imagining the shape of a gentle breeze caressing my cheeks. It expresses the feeling of wind blowing comfortably with the flow.

  • Ripple Design concept

    I drew what I remembered from my visit to a beach in the Seto Inland Sea, where the gentle waves continued forever, shining in the sunlight.

  • Gauze & honeycomb

    It's thin, smooth and light, yet has excellent water absorption! The front side is gauze weave and the back side is honeycomb weave with good water absorption. It's lightweight and dries easily.

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