Johnan Orimono

Jonan Orimono, a long-established towel manufacturer in Imabari, was founded in 1923 as a cotton fabric factory.

Jonan Orimono 's passion for towels - Towels are the first cloth people touch in their lives. In your daily life, the peace of mind that surrounds you and spreads through its softness. We help you create such a rich and happy time that you suddenly feel.


"Aile" means "wing" in French.
A quadruple weave gauze towel with a gentle luster, fluffy texture and woven pattern that resembles feathers.
By using non-twisted yarn in the gauze part, we have achieved a soft texture and reliable water absorption.
In addition, by wrapping ultra-fine threads around the fibers of untwisted yarn, it reduces fuzz shedding compared to regular untwisted yarn.
Light and gentle on the skin, it is perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin.
Through this product, we aim to contribute to the peace of mind of as many people as possible.