PRINT TOWEL SELECTION's wash cloth is a long-selling product from Yoshii Towel, Youth, a towel manufacturer in Imabari.
The front side is gauze and the back side is honeycomb weave (waffle weave). A waffle is a type of dough that has an uneven surface, similar to a candy waffle. Unlike regular pile towels, it doesn't get fluffy, has good breathability, and dries easily.

  • Gauze & honeycomb weave (waffle)

    It's thin, smooth and light, yet has excellent water absorption! The front side is gauze weave and the back side is honeycomb weave with good water absorption. It's lightweight and dries easily.

  • Great in the kitchen

    It is very useful around the kitchen, such as wiping dishes or laying it on a rack.
    It can also be used as a wet towel by soaking it in water.

  • Very popular as a gift

    The easy-to-use washcloth is also a great gift. With a variety of print patterns, it's fun to choose.

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