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We offer a paid gift box and free gift wrapping.

If you would like to receive free gift wrapping , please add the item to your cart, click the View Cart button, and write in the "Notes" section of the cart page that you would like free gift wrapping. If you have any requests such as combinations, please write them in the notes section as well.

<Example of entry>
・Wrapping all ordered items separately
・Wrapping all ordered products together
・I would like to wrap only the bath towel.
・Wrapping only one of the three stoles

*Please be sure to describe the product clearly.

*If there are no instructions in the "Notes" section, all items will be wrapped together.
*If the size of the gift does not allow it to be combined into one item, it may be divided into smaller pieces.
*Products listed as [Not eligible for wrapping] on the product page cannot be gift wrapped.
*Please note that paper bags to carry are not available.

■About the delivery note If the orderer and delivery address are the same, a delivery note with the amount listed will be included. If the orderer and delivery address are different, a delivery note will not be included. If you do not need a statement of delivery or require one, please let us know in the "Notes" section at the time of purchase.

Free gift wrapping will be a paper bag or furoshiki ( non-woven fabric ). Please note that packaging varies depending on the size of the product and cannot be selected.
Paper bags (tenugui, handkerchiefs, face towels, etc.)
Furoshiki ( bag, bath towel, large stole, etc. )
*Free gift wrapping does not support "placing".

If you would like a paid gift box, please purchase it below.

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