Rion dyeing / Todaya Shoten

Tenugui are beautiful and often reflect the humor and social conditions of the times, and yukata are the flower of summer. Established over 140 years ago, Rionzome of Todaya Shoten in Nihonbashi, Tokyo has been protecting and nurturing the elegance and traditions of the common people that shine in Japanese culture.
"Safety of natural materials" Rion dyed fabric is cotton that is gentle on the bare skin. Cotton is durable, lightweight, and highly hygroscopic, so it absorbs just the right amount of sweat and moisture and dries quickly. The more you use it, the more its texture increases and it becomes more familiar to your skin. The more you wash it, the more the dyed color will settle down, and you will enjoy watching the color change.

Tokyo style Yuzen stole

Tokyo-style Yuzen dyed in the only Yuzen workshop in Tokyo's 23 wards is an original product of Rionzome. This 100% cotton stole is dyed using a dyeing method that specializes in fine patterns and pale colors.
Printing is done using colored pastes made from rice bran, red bran, and white bran-based pastes that are dyed. Enjoy the texture of cotton that becomes soft after many washes. We also have products that are dyed with different colors and patterns on both sides.

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