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ハタオト / 新啓織物

Meisen Stole Large Tsurubotan (Blue Green)

Meisen Stole Large Tsurubotan (Blue Green)

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This is a 100% silk stole from Hataoto, made using cloth woven using the traditional technique of Hogushi Ori, which is used in Chichibu Meisen. It is characterized by the soft pattern expression and taste unique to yarn-dyed fabrics. We use hand-pulled cotton that is spun by hand .

Size: H approx. 1820 x W600 (fringe approx. 25 mm)
Specifications: 100% silk
Country of origin: Japan (Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture)

*Due to the characteristics of the product, the size may differ slightly.
*The pattern will differ depending on where the fabric is cut. Customers cannot specify the pattern. Please note that this is a product characteristic.
*Depending on the settings and characteristics of your monitor, there may be errors in color tone compared to the actual product.

*This product will be sold at the same time in stores with only one item in stock. Depending on the timing of your order, the item may be out of stock due to over-the-counter sales. If the item is out of stock, the order will be canceled and you will be notified by email. note that.
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