2.14 Wearing a chocolate-colored domestic stole for Valentine's Day

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners and those who have helped us.

From among our store's original stoles, we have collected chocolate-colored stoles that are perfect for Valentine's Day gifts.

Plenty of volume
A striped snood that looks like a bitter chocolate donut.
The black fringe is the highlight. It is a silk wool material.

A silk wool jacquard stole with an animal-like woven pattern.
Comes with an animal pattern handkerchief towel from Imabari and a happy yellow handkerchief towel.

This is a 100% silk jacquard stole.
Can be used in all seasons.

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All textiles are woven in the traditional Ashikaga production area and delivered to Kagurazaka. There are also stalls other than those pictured. Please come and find your favorite gift from a variety of weaves and materials.

kukuli staff
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