Collaboration between Imabari towels and Tomoko Murata Now on sale online

“Designs depicting landscapes that have stuck in my heart, and towels that are perfect for daily life.”

A collaboration towel between textile artist and illustrator Tomoko Murata and Imabari's YOUTH, which is absorbent and comfortable to the touch, has been released.

“Breeze” expresses the feeling of a gentle breeze caressing your cheeks, a wind that blows comfortably as you ride the current.

When I visited a beach in the Seto Inland Sea, I remembered the image of calm waves that continued forever, shining in the sunlight. “Ripple”

A towel that fits your daily life and makes you happy every time you pick it up.

The front side is gauze weave, and the back side is honeycomb weave with good water absorption. A thin, light, and easy-drying towel.

YOUTH × Tomoko Murata collaboration towel
From left: Breeze white, Breeze yellow, Ripple white, Ripple yellow
Price: 1,450 yen (1,595 yen including tax)
Size: 32×80cm
Material: 100% cotton
Country of origin: Japan (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture)
Manufacturer: YOUTH

It will also be sold at kukuli official online shop.
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Amazon pay and Apple Pay are also available.

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