2.22 Cat Day. Cat towels, hand towels, etc. are now in stock.

February 22nd Cat Day

Cat lovers, are you ready?
Kukuli now has cat miscellaneous goods, dyed hand towels from Rionzome (Todaya Shoten, Tokyo), and Imabari hand towels from YOUTH (Yoshii Towel, Ehime Prefecture).

This tenugui is dyed with ``Sorimama Jiguchi Nekamiko Igojusanhiki'' by Kuniyoshi Utagawa, an ukiyo-e artist from the late Edo period who was known for his great love of cats.
Jiguchi is a pun. You can enjoy a play on words that combines the names of post stations that appear in "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido" (plus Nihonbashi & Kyoto) with cat gestures and local products. It's also fun to compare the neat prints of cats with the slightly looser cats dyed on tenugui.

The ``Dandelion and Cat'' tenugui are dyed with warm spring scenes like a painting. A field of dandelions, a blue sky and white clouds, kittens playing and fluffy fluff, and a mother cat watching from a distance. You will be healed by the gentle gradation dyeing that is unique to Chusen.

"Cat (small)"
A tenugui with a bright and cute color pattern.
In the Tohoku region during the Edo period, when the sericulture industry was flourishing, many cats were kept to protect the silkworms from rats. It is said that while a horse costs 1 ryo, a cat that is good at catching mice was sold for 5 ryo.

"Antique shop"
The tiled roof, chabudai, and black telephone...it's a nostalgic, tasteful shop. If you look closely, you can see that there are 6 cats guarding the store.

Washcloth from Imabari “Neko (Blue)”
The front side is made of solid gauze and the back side is made of honeycomb weave (waffle weave) to absorb moisture. Do you have a cat with a pattern you like? It's handkerchief size, so it's sure to be useful when you go out or in the kitchen.
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We are waiting for you in Kagurazaka with a total of 〇〇 (?) cats.

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