Chichibu Meisen Stole “Mori no pattern” online sales started

The Meisen stole "Mori no pattern" from Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture is now available for purchase at our online shop.

This 100% silk stole was created in collaboration with a Swedish designer and Chichibu Meisen, which is woven using the traditional technique of ``hogushiori.''
The relationship between Chichibu City and its sister city, Skellefteå City in northern Sweden, was the impetus. What a wonderful encounter!

The warp yarn is made of glossy pure silk that has been pulled and twisted straight from the cocoon, and the weft yarn is hand-pulled cotton with a gentle texture.

It features a unique and elegant look woven from two types of silk thread.

The warp threads are placed on a loom and roughly woven, and then the warp threads are spread on a printing stand and dyed. After steaming and drying, the fabric is put back on the loom to loosen the tentatively woven threads and perform the actual weaving.

This technique is difficult to mechanize, so even today, it is still hand-dyed by artisans and woven using traditional half-wooden looms. Nowadays, there are only a few craftsmen who have this skill, and silk fabrics have become valuable.

Hataoto Meisen Stole Forest Pattern (White/Dark Blue)
Price: 27,000 yen (29,700 yen including tax)
Size: H approx. 1800 x W 600mm (fringe approx. 20mm)
Material: 100% silk
Country of origin: Japan (Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture)
Manufacturer: Shinkei Textile

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