Now on sale online! A wool stole that allows you to enjoy two weaves.

"Plain weave"
"Akiha Ori"

This is a 100% wool stole with two weaves. Since it is thin and wide, it can be worn as a cover-up or wrapped around the neck, and can be used in 3 seasons: autumn, winter, and early spring.

Our original stoles are newly woven into stoles and mufflers using kimono looms in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, and Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture (Ryomo production areas), which are old textile towns.

Observe the relationship between warp and weft.
They are woven using old-fashioned looms and skilled techniques.

The wool material used in kukuli's original stoles is characterized by being non-stinging and lightweight.

Roll it up, roll it up, spread it out,
Fold, submerge, overlap,
Please feel free to find a way to play.

kukuli flat and 5 block stole light blue/brown Price: 5,500 yen (6,050 yen including tax)
Size: H1800 x W700mm (fringe 80mm)

Material: 100% wool
Country of origin: Japan (Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture)
Manufacturer: kukuli Original

Please check in-store and online shop for different colors.
(Limited quantity)
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kukuli staff

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