Yoshii Towel's "Imabari Hosowata Weave"

Yoshii Towel's ``Imabari Hosowata Taori'' sold at kukuli is a delicate and soft towel that feels like touching cotton or gauze.

Imabari thin cotton multi-weave
The threads that have been bleached at the ends, which takes time and effort, absorb water well and dry well, but they still have a good amount of oil and waxiness, so you don't need to add fabric softener when washing and rinsing. This towel retains the gentle softness inherent to cotton, making it a towel that is safe, secure to use, and has no environmental impact.

The thin pile yarn is made exclusively for gently twisted towels, made from carefully selected Indian cotton, combed and spun using a ring spinning machine, so that you can enjoy the feel of the thin, soft yarn that feels like it's touching cotton. I'm using thread.
The gauze-touch hem allows you to enjoy the delicate softness of the towel, as if you were touching it with the entire towel.

Imabari thin cotton multi-weave
B/T bath towel 63cm x 130cm
Price: 3,400 yen (3,740 yen including tax)
FH/T face towel 35cm x 85cm
Price: 1,300 yen (1,430 yen including tax)

When you come to Kagurazaka or Iidabashi, please stop by kukuli.

kukuli staff

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